Inclusive Sanitation in Practice
for healthy equitable cities

Peter Hawkins
Peter Hawkins worked on sanitation at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine from 1976-1981, including the characterization of pit latrine contents and studies on pit emptying, in collaboration with EAWAG/SANDEC.

He returned to Mozambique in 2007 as WSP country team leader, later taking on a global role with the World Bank’s urban sanitation team. He left the World Bank in April 2017.
In 1982 he moved to Mozambique as a volunteer, working on urban onsite sanitation and drainage, and then continued as a consultant, mostly in Africa, including long-term assignments managing urban sanitation projects in Tanzania (1984-1989) and Ghana (1997-2002), as well as working in the water and sanitation sector in various Latin American countries, Sri Lanka and Indonesia.
Peter Hawkins