Inclusive Sanitation in Practice
for healthy equitable cities

Our work
Inclusive Sanitation in Practice (ISP) is a collaboration based on a long-term working relationship spanning different continents, jobs and roles.  We started working together in 2006 as WSP-World Bank consultants, and subsequently continued as staff for about ten years, with a focus on urban sanitation. During this time we were instrumental in developing the SFD and an inclusive systems-based approach to urban sanitation. Since 2017 we have been undertaking a series of joint assignments on inclusive urban sanitation. ISP is based on a shared interest in providing practical engagement and building capacity in cities, countries, international development agencies and NGOs to extend cost effective hygienic urban sanitation services to all residents.

Presentation at  at NWSC, Kampala, Uganda
Particapatory training at NWSC, Kampala, Uganda
Training with African Development Bank,2017